Retail consumers crave a personalized, seamless multichannel experience. Counterpoint POS enables customers to lookup an item on their mobile device and complete their purchases in store, streamlining the interaction from the mobile phone to the in-store tablet. Through the value of saved historical data, customers grow to expect and appreciate increasingly personalized interactions.

Retail technology tools convert mass amounts of consumer data into useful information, optimizing your operations while mitigating your security risks.

Below, we dive further into some of the challenges facing the retail landscape and how retail IT managed services can help your business thrive.

Challenge: Evolving Customer Expectations

Companies within the retail industry need to adapt their model around issues such as supply-chain disruptions, operational efficiencies and ever-evolving customer expectations. Retailers want innovative and efficient ways to deliver on those expectations and distinguish themselves from the competition, all while maintaining customer trust.

Solution: Mobile POS Software

NCR Counterpoint Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) is a feature-rich solution that allows you to run your business from anywhere and provide exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint. Whether you’re on the sales floor or at a trade show, mobile POS software enables you to sell your products and connect with your customers like never before. You’ll have an entire point-of-sale terminal in the palm of your hand, on your iOS device. An mPOS also helps cut down on wait times, giving your customers a pleasant shopping experience while encouraging first-time shoppers to come back again.

Challenge: Risk of a Data Breach

Cybercriminals can inflict terror on your business by launching API attacks, web attacks and denial-of-service attacks. These attacks can result in costly downtime while undermining the trust and confidence you’ve worked hard to build with your main priority: your customers. Be prepared with retail IT managed services.

Solution: Secure Payment Processing Platform

There’s no better way to process payments in a PCI-DSS compliant and secure manner and significantly minimize your risk for a security breach than with a secure payment processing platform like NCR Secure Pay. By taking credit card storage out of your local system and moving it to our Secure Pay host, you are addressing a critical element of security: storage and transmission of cardholder data. NCR Secure Pay’s Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) encrypts cardholder information to securely transmit card data over any network. Further retail-technology solutions like tokenization serve to store your customer’s card information in a protected environment for future purposes.

Challenge: Insufficient Retail Inventory Management

One of the most difficult processes in the retail industry is inventory management. Retail depends upon the efficiency of inventory management to meet demand, exceed customer expectations and generate sales. Even the smallest error in the process can have an extensive impact on the sustainability and growth of your company.

Solution: Mobile Inventory and Warehouse Management System

Tackle your inventory issues with a mobile inventory and warehouse management solution like 2B-Inventory Management for NCR Counterpoint. You’ll have real-time visibility, access and communication for all stakeholders. Automated review and approval workflows reduce or eliminate excess spending or fraud and improve supply chain management, which is critical to your success.

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