Managed IT

Strengthen your network environment against cyberthreats and ensure your business can continue to operate without distractions with our managed IT services.

Designed for the Retail Industry

Retail businesses require a unique set of solutions specifically tailored for data security, network speed and flexibility to help scale their company.

Our managed hosting services for retail, complete with endpoint security and cloud environments, are designed to provide our clients with a PCI-compliant, secure working network environment.

Built on industry-leading software, our managed hosting solutions allow you and your staff to concentrate on running your business without having to worry about hardware failures, upgrades, data loss or managing an IT staff.

Choosing C&K Systems for hosting enables you to secure your server in a PCI-certified environment that keeps your sensitive data secure.

Let us provide you with the peace of mind and expertise you need to help your business stay agile.


Complete Support 

Access engineering support from our VISA/PCI-QIR certified technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 363 days a year. Premium Counterpoint is also available, as well as our Counterpoint Managed Hosting solution, which helps protect your website, server and devices.


Increased Data Security 

Protect you and your customers’ information.

Breach Identification

Uncover and analyze current or past breaches to learn how you can better protect your business and customer information.


Reduced Downtime

Proactively identity and appropriately address minor issues before they transform into costly problems.



Scalability & Capacity 

Avoid costly downtime during a busy shopping season by scaling your infrastructure as much as you want or need it.

Multi-Level Data Protection

Ensure your critical business data is protected during any type of incident, including an internet outage, a hard drive crash or natural disaster.

Peace of Mind

Allow our team to remove the constant burden of growing cyberthreats and technological issues from your business.


All-Inclusive Solutions

Our all-inclusive managed IT and security solutions are designed to help you get back to growing your business without stressing over your technology.


Endpoint Management

Avoid instances of costly downtime with ongoing maintenance, management and security of your point of sale endpoints.  


Server Maintenance

    Enjoy fewer headaches and more uptime with full management and maintenance of your servers.


Network Security

Reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and protect critical data with a well-maintained, secure network environment.


Firewall Management

Ensure your firewall is prepared to act as your frontline defense against vulnerabilities with secure maintenance and management. 



Managed Anti-Virus

Stay ahead of emerging threats with a real-time anti-virus solution that’s consistently up to date and prepared for any problem. 



Intrusion & Log Monitoring

Troubleshoot incidents or detect suspicious activity pointing to an intrusion attempt, all from one, central location.


Cloud Services

Adapt and scale your business with secure cloud environments and enterprise file storage. 


Backup & Recovery

Quickly recover when disaster strikes with your critical data backed up in your private cloud.  


Your Path Towards Peace of Mind with the Right IT Partner

Let’s solve your IT challenges so you can get back to running your business.

1. Discovery Call

We’ll hop on a quick call with you to review your technology needs.



2. Custom Plan

We’ll work together to build a custom-managed IT solution around your goals.


3. Thrive

We’ll turn insight into action and your stress into peace of mind.


Let’s build a winning  Strategy For your business.

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