The key to success in retail lies in adapting to changing trends and customer demands through cutting-edge retail IT solutions. For lawn and garden businesses, this means cultivating detailed-oriented landscapes and seamless and efficient retail strategies, too.

This is where the power of the NCR Counterpoint Point of Sale System (POS), in partnership with C&K Systems, comes into play. Let’s explore how retail IT services like NCR Counterpoint can revolutionize your lawn and garden company.


Run Your Lawn and Garden Business with Ease

NCR Counterpoint surpasses typical retail solutions. Tailored for garden businesses, it covers retail, eCommerce, mobile features, ERP, pickup, delivery and service management, making it the best POS system for garden centers. Its comprehensive approach empowers you to efficiently oversee every facet of your business, from POS transactions to orchestrating complex garden installations.


Connect with Your Customers on a Deeper Level

Customer understanding is pivotal in thriving retail. NCR Counterpoint’s integrated email marketing goes beyond staying connected – it tailors personalized campaigns using purchase history. Send promotions matching preferences, prompt seasonal purchases and reward loyalty with exclusive discounts.


Unleash Your Sales Potential Anywhere

Modern retail requires flexibility, and NCR Counterpoint delivers. It enables sales, payments and customer management from mobile devices, meeting customers on their terms. This Integrated Service Management solution extends mobility, managing deliveries and scheduling plant installations remotely.


Tailored Solutions for a Garden Center POS System

NCR Counterpoint offers specialized solutions for lawn and garden retailers. It includes tracking a diverse range of inventory, overseeing vendor management, automating procurement and utilizing hardware specifically designed to withstand the elements. Whether it’s managing seed packets or offering landscapers quotes and payment options, NCR Counterpoint flexes to accommodate your requirements.


Optimizing Purchases for Maximum Inventory ROI

Effective inventory management is made easier with NCR Counterpoint. With features like purchase orders based on replenishment and customer-specific orders, the purchasing process becomes efficient and seamless. Say goodbye to stockouts and overstocking.


Embracing the E-Commerce Revolution

Retail has shifted towards e-commerce, reshaping customer-business interactions. An omnichannel strategy is crucial. Garden center POS systems integrate with e-commerce giants like Big Commerce, WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify, ensuring seamless shopping across all channels.


A Feature-Rich Toolkit for Lawn and Garden Success

Here’s a snapshot of some of the Best POS System for Garden Centers NCR Counterpoint offers for lawn and garden businesses:

  • Flexible Customer Pricing
  • Alternate Units for Varied Selling
  • Custom Label and Tag Creation
  • Kitted Items for Creative Bundles
  • Landscape Project Management
  • Real-Time Alerts


Let’s Talk Retail IT Services

NCR Counterpoint is your all-in-one solution to revolutionize your lawn and garden retail business. From cultivating customer loyalty to streamlining inventory management, the possibilities are grand.

C&K Systems is your dedicated IT partner for unlocking the potential of NCR Counterpoint. Our team of retail consultants are eager to understand your business intricacies and help you craft a winning retail strategy.


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