It’s that pivotal time of year: when you perform a tech check on your retail tech. Many businesses are focused on the success of their summer sales that they put off upgrading or updating their POS systems. As a result, they risk the dreaded possibility of a crash right in the middle of a sale. This leads to a delay during checkouts and unsatisfied customers.

Do you know how you can avoid this headache? You can take the time to be proactive and examine your POS system before it’s too late. We’ve put together a handy checklist to go through to make sure you’re hitting all the important steps in the process. Check them out below and consider partnering with retail experts who can take your tech check even further by providing customized solutions.

1. Check for Software Updates

The number one step you should take when completing your checklist is to check for POS system updates. POS technology is continuously evolving to make for more streamlined business processes and improved customer experiences. You can look for updates in inventory management, payment processing, customer integrations and credit card compliance.

2. Examine Security Defenses

Outdated retail POS systems are prime targets for hackers looking to steal confidential business and customer data. By not utilizing the newest cybersecurity defenses, you leave your tech vulnerable and your organization at risk for reputational, financial or legal damage. NCR Counterpoint POS offers a great security solution by ensuring payment security compliance with point-to-point encryption and credit card tokenization to avoid credit card breaches.

3. Consider Customer Acquisition and Retention

Did you know that by not updating your POS system, you could be missing out on business customer expansion and retention opportunities? The best retail POS systems offer features that work to keep regulars coming back and attract newcomers alike. That includes loyalty programs and marketing capabilities that can be customized to each shopper.

4. Review User-Friendliness

User-friendliness is key to keeping customers satisfied with your store experience. In this case, you can review the little details. Have you enabled easy-to-use touchscreens? Are you offering the option of print, email and text receipts? How about payment options like card, cash or even mobile pay? Consumers expect their shopping experiences to be both seamless and option-filled – ensure you are making their checkout experience quick, easy and smooth.

5. Don’t Miss Out on Data

Finally, don’t forget about the large amount of data available to your business through retail POS systems for small businesses. The newest systems give your business access to detailed analysis reports that lay-out sales history and analysis by timeframe, item or customer. Armed with this data, you can make more informed business decisions that boost your sales and overall store efficiency.


Get in touch with our retail solutions advisors, who can help you re-examine your POS system and other retail technologies for an up-to-date, smooth experience for your business and customers alike.


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