Unlocking success in the retail industry requires cutting-edge retail IT solutions to adapt to shifting trends and customer desires. For lawn and garden businesses, this means crafting landscapes with meticulous attention to detail and executing retail strategies that provide network efficiency and security.

A robust POS system, coupled with dependable security measures, can help your lawn and garden business thrive in today’s competitive business landscape. Let’s delve into the transformative possibilities offered by innovative retail IT services like the NCR Counterpoint Point of Sale (POS) System and InDefense Sentinal Managed Services from C&K Systems. Witness firsthand the profound impact they can have on revolutionizing your business.


NCR Counterpoint POS


Effortlessly Manage Your Lawn and Garden Enterprise

NCR Counterpoint POS goes beyond conventional retail solutions, providing a customized suite for garden businesses. Encompassing retail, eCommerce, mobile functionalities, ERP, pickup, delivery and service management, NCR Counterpoint stands out as the premier POS system for garden centers. Its all-encompassing approach empowers you to oversee every aspect of your business in one easy-to-use platform.

Forge Deeper Connections with Your Customers

In the world of thriving retail, a profound understanding of your customers is paramount. NCR Counterpoint POS offers an integrated email marketing platform for personalized campaigns based on individual purchase histories. You can send promotions and express gratitude for loyalty through exclusive discounts.

Unlock Your Sales Potential Anytime, Anywhere

Contemporary retail demands flexibility, and NCR Counterpoint POS rises to the occasion. It empowers sales, payments and customer management through mobile devices, aligning with customers on their terms. This comprehensive solution extends mobility, enabling the remote management of deliveries and the scheduling of installations.

Customized Solutions for Your Garden Center POS System

NCR Counterpoint POS provides tailored solutions crafted for lawn and garden retailers’ unique needs. This solution encompasses tracking a diverse inventory, overseeing vendor management and automating procurement processes. Whether you’re managing seed packets or providing landscapers with quotes and various payment options,

NCR Counterpoint POS adapts to meet your specific requirements.


InDefense Sentinal Managed Services | Boosting Network Security on Demand

InDefense Sentinal Managed Services provides a transformative solution beyond conventional measures for lawn and garden companies. By adopting these services, companies can significantly enhance their overall security, improve operational efficiency and boost performance—all while strategically minimizing downtime. This integrated approach meets the unique challenges faced by the lawn and garden industry.

Other add-on features included with C&K’s InDefense Sentinal Managed Services:
  • Location Services Monitoring
  • Workstation Services
  • Full System Cloud Backup
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Server Management
  • And More

Let’s Talk Retail IT Solutions

Elevate your garden center POS with NCR Counterpoint POS and InDefense Sentinal Managed Services. This powerful combination creates a secure, efficient and reliable retail environment that supports streamlined inventory management and fosters customer loyalty.

Partner with C&K Systems to unlock all of our retail IT solutions. Our team of retail consultants is dedicated to understanding your business intricacies and assisting you in crafting a winning retail strategy.

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