At C&K Systems, we pride ourselves in delivering world-class retail tech services that help enrich the customer experience so our clients can grow their business and drive profit.

But we understand that these solutions are only effective if you’re getting the most out of them, which is why we offer training opportunities prepared by Jeana Thomas, our C&K Training Manager. Jeana has been with us nearly nine years and has more than 25 years of training experience. She has earned certification with the NCR Train the Trainer program and is Counterpoint SQL Certified.

Jeana’s role includes onboarding our new clients and working with existing clients as well, training them in NCR Counterpoint. And while Jeana is skilled in the intricacies of the services and solutions we provide at C&K, her approach is steeped in building relationships with whomever she is working with.

“It’s all about getting to know the clients and their business, and then figuring out how to approach training,” Jeana said. “Without the proper training, it’s as if you’re blindfolded and just feeling around in the dark, trying to turn on the software.”

Making A Difference

There wasn’t much of a training structure to work with when Jeana arrived at C&K in 2013. So, she went to work immediately, putting together internal and external training processes and scheduling monthly webinars.

During the first Wednesday of each month, Jeana hosts Webinar Wednesday, which are free to our existing clients and run for about 40 minutes. Jeana doesn’t just run and organize each webinar — she writes each one, choosing topics that are broad and reach as many clients as possible.

“Our client and vertical mix are very diverse,” Jeana said. “So, I try and find topics that appeal to the masses.”

Jeana has also put together an extensive library of white papers she has written that pick up where instruction manuals leave off. These pieces of collateral offer additional insight on how clients can put NCR Counterpoint to good use when it comes to serving their clients, managing inventory or streamlining operations.

“Sometimes, the manuals don’t give good examples,” she said. “I wanted to put together reference material that’s quick and easy to digest.”

Making Us Better

C&K Systems has been the standard in our industry for more than 30 years, which is a testament to the team of professionals we employ. Jeana is committed to making that team even better, which is why she trains each of our new hires instead of simply sending them to the manufacturer.

“I can focus the training more around their specialty,” Jeana said. “For example, a support technician is going to need different training than an engineer. It takes 80 hours minimum to train a new employee.”

Similar to her webinars, Jeana also hosts Wisdom Wednesdays for our employees, which includes meetings and workshops pertaining to a particular topic. For example, she plans on delving deeper into cybersecurity in October to coincide with Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Jeana is also putting together a program, Planning for Success, that helps employees find a healthy work-life balance while achieving their professional goals.

Jeana’s mindset is simple — the more our employees know and the better they feel, the more equipped they will be when it comes to helping our clients.

“The company is always evolving,” Jeana said.

Outside Interests

When she’s not training our employees or clients on the finer points of NCR Counterpoint, Jeana enjoys gardening, birdwatching, working with puzzles and quizzes such as Wordle, and serving as the vice president of her homeowner’s association.

Above all, however, she enjoys making people feel better about their jobs, their business and their product — and gets plenty in return for doing so.

“The people I train, they’re always teaching me something I didn’t know,” she said. “I love that.”

To learn more about the training opportunities at C&K, reach out to a technician today.

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