Global inflation and the continuation of a pandemic weren’t enough to keep Americans from shopping in 2021. According to The Guardian, retail sales were 18% higher in November 2021 than they were in November 2020. And while online shopping isn’t going anywhere, people will always enjoy combing the aisles and showrooms of their favorite stores — especially if they’re treated well and don’t have to wait long for what they want.

One way to improve a customer’s shopping experience is through an NCR Counterpoint Mobile POS (point of sale). This allows you to run your store from the palm of your hand – whether through an iPad, tablet or smartphone – while you interact with customers and expand your geographic footprint.

Here are some ways a mobile POS can take your business to the next level.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Cloud Technology

According to Statista, the expected growth of mobile POS value is expected to rise by 16.9% by 2025. Why? Because it makes for a better shopping experience. Rather than running back to the stockroom to check on inventory or behind the counter to work the register, employees can handle all of that through a handheld POS. This also enables your staff to stay on the floor and deliver a personalized and unique experience to anyone who walks through your door.

Decrease Lines with Counterpoint POS

People don’t like waiting. A study by Qudini found that 53% of shoppers are likely to leave a store without purchasing anything because of long service lines – a trend which can cost U.S. retailers billions of dollars per year. A mobile device expands your store’s checkout options and helps deliver a quicker, more pleasant shopping experience while saving sales that could have been lost to long wait times.

Widen Customer Reach with Retail Cloud Solutions

Spring is right around the corner. And with it comes warmer, more pleasurable weather that’s perfect for sidewalk sales and festivals. Using a movable POS expands your business beyond your walls and allows you to go where your customers are. Whether it’s a pop-up shop, food truck or tent sale, transporting your business to an outdoor venue is simple to do through a mobile POS.

Expand Payment Types Mobile POS

Not only do mobile systems allow customers to pay with everything from cash to digital coupons, they also accept more modern forms of payment such as mobile wallets and smartphones. This flexibility goes a long way toward pleasing shoppers and increases the chances of them visiting your store again.

Educate Your Staff with Cloud Technology

Mobile POS systems can give your employees instant access to customer data including prior purchases and an online browsing history. This leads to better and more personalized experiences and helps staff members make more relevant and successful buying suggestions – resulting in an uptick of sales.

Enhance Your Customers’ Shopping Experience with NCR Counterpoint POS

Implementing an NCR Counterpoint Mobile POS will give your customers an experience they’ve never had before while making your staff more in tune with what shoppers want. Say goodbye to long lines and hello to repeat buyers who will continue to turn to you for a convenient and stress-free trip to the store. It’s a cost-effective, efficient and fun way to maintain clients and bring in new ones.

If you’re interested in seeing how and why a mobile POS can help boost your business, our team at C&K Systems can arrange a demo. We specialize in delivering customized solutions that are specifically suited to your business and the industry it serves.

Reach out to our team and start growing your business today.