As one of the most competitive industries, every retail business owner must ask themselves what sets them apart from their competitors. In some cases, your products and price points just aren’t enough. You need to consider your customer experience and how your target audience perceives your brand. With NCR Counterpoint POS systems, retailers can run their business with ease — increasing customer satisfaction and earning more profit. This article will cover how counterpoint POS systems can help you streamline operations and expand your business.

1) Speed Up Checkouts

With a full point-of-sale and inventory management system, retailers can take advantage of smart purchasing technology that allows them to simplify and accelerate processing sales. Employees can scan tickets on handheld devices — speeding up the check-out process and ensuring accuracy. This process is a significant improvement compared to the old-fashioned way of manually entering items with barcodes and price tags. Enjoy faster credit card authorizations and handle sales easily with the power of an industry-leading NCR counterpoint POS system.

2) A Loyal Customer Base

With faster customer checkout, you run more efficiently, and you increase customer satisfaction, resulting in a loyal customer base. Repeat customers are crucial to creating a profitable business model. According to RJMetrics, repeat customers spend 300 percent more money than new customers. They save you time because they are much easier to sell to. They also refer more customers to your business. Start building your loyal customer base by connecting with your customers and delivering the best experience.

3) Sell Anywhere, Anytime

The way we do business is changing fast. Moving forward, retail companies need to be able to serve customers anywhere, anytime. With NCR Counterpoint POS systems, you gain access to mobile sales tools that allow you to deliver the best service from anywhere, including inside your store, at an outdoor event, food truck, or kiosk. Enjoy flexible solutions with handheld POS devices that allow you to make the sale wherever your customers are.

4) Take Tracking and Reporting to the Next Level

Every successful business needs to know what they have and what they need for future success. With a reliable POS system, retail businesses get advanced tracking and reporting solutions — all on an easy-to-use touchscreen. Track prices, inventory, and product transfers at each of your stores. Analyze your end-of-day sales and access the reports and information you need to make game-changing business decisions that set you apart from your competition.

Get Ready to Grow

Whether it’s smart purchasing capabilities, faster checkout times, happier clientele, or the flexibility to sell anywhere, anytime, with the right counterpoint POS system, your business can perform commerce your way and deliver the best customer experience. With the right technology and the best expert insight, you can expand your business and handle your business needs the way you want to.

Ask for a demo today or contact one of our solutions experts and get ready to take your business to the next level.