When it comes to hiring field technicians, you want to bring people on board who are experienced, skilled and require little to no training so they can get on the road as quickly as possible.

However, it’s also important your technicians have solid people skills and can give your customers an enriching and satisfying experience. Your technicians often drive a truck adorned with your logo — the same logo they’re wearing on hats, t-shirts and other company-issued clothing. They are an extension of your entire business, and therefore, you should give them all the tools necessary to make sure they are doing their job well while serving as a good ambassador to your company.

At C&K, we offer ServicePoint SQL for NCR Counterpoint. This innovative piece of technology provides technicians and other integral members of your team with quick access to important service information on one centralized screen.

ServicePoint SQL offers a whole host of benefits to technicians, who spend their days going to and from service calls and don’t have the time to sit in front of a computer. It can also help your business streamline operations. Consequently, it can help drive up profits and productivity while giving your customers a pleasant and memorable experience.

History at Their Fingertips

According to a poll conducted by FinancesOnline, 54% of technicians said their greatest challenge was getting access to a client’s service history prior to going on the call. In other words, most techs want to be adequately prepared rather than having to waste time peppering a customer with questions.

ServicePoint SQL features software that accurately tracks a customer’s service history, as well as warranty and service contract information on their equipment, scheduled appointments and meter readings. And a built-in mobile option allows technicians to access service tasks and real-time service history from any web-enabled device, such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Sensible Scheduling

Deciding which techs to send to which calls can be an arduous task, especially for a dispatcher who is new to the company and isn’t familiar with a team member’s skillset or a customer’s history and equipment.

At C&K, our ServicePoint SQL includes a scheduling feature that gives dispatchers the status and other pertinent information about each tech. This allows you to schedule technicians based on their location, the type of service that is needed and the type of skill that’s required. Sending the right people to the right job will improve efficiency and lead to a lot of successful house calls.

Show Them the Way

A 2021 study by Verizon Connect showed that companies that equipped their technicians with GPS software saw a reduction in labor, accidents and fuel costs. That’s why we included turn-by-turn navigation software with ServicePoint SQL.

This allows your technicians to arrive at all calls either early or on time, enhancing the customer experience while driving down fuel costs that can pile up if your techs routinely get lost or take circuitous routes to calls.

Your technicians are an integral part of your business. With ServicePoint SQL, you can give them all the tools they need to do their jobs right and help grow your company’s reputation. If you have any questions about how ServicePoint SQL can help your techs and the overall growth of your business, reach out to our team to schedule a free demo.

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