In an age where consumers can shop from virtually anywhere and purchase products with the click of a button, it’s critical for retail businesses to utilize retail technology solutions to rethink how they are currently approaching customer experience. If your business is not delivering a consistent and memorable retail customer experience across all channels, you’re missing valuable opportunities to drive revenue growth.

One way to enhance the experience is by partnering with a retail technology solutions advisor such as C&K Systems that can help you select the right combination of solutions.

Retain and Engage Existing Customers with a Customer Loyalty Program

When you partner with C&K Systems, we’ll help you uncover the value of building customer loyalty with a flexible points and rewards management application, complete with a secure, self-service loyalty portal for your customers to access and manage their account with your brand. There are more than three billion loyalty memberships in the United States, and they help develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with your customers by providing you with visibility into their shopping histories and preferences.

Loyalty Programs Are Great Promotional Assets

Loyalty programs also offer personalized incentives like digital coupons and reward points, which is crucial because 81% of traditional loyalty program members would join a premium loyalty program at their favorite retailer if the benefits were good. Not only will this incentivize your current customers to continue shopping at your store, but it will also encourage them to become brand ambassadors and recommend your brand to their friends or family. Your customers are rewarded with instant gratification in the form of loyalty points or incentives and your brand becomes the destination of choice, allowing you to build traffic and improve your conversion rates.

Send Personalized Communication to Customers with a Cloud-Based Marketing Application

Native digital wallets, such as Apple Wallet or Android Pay, have soared in popularity in recent years as an all-in-one single repository for credit cards, debit cards, movie tickets, coupons, boarding passes and much more. Not only are these applications easy to use and provide the consumer with enhanced security features, but they completely remove the need for fumbling through emails or printouts to find the right ticket or pass. This is likely why more than 52% of global eCommerce payments are expected to be made via digital and mobile wallets by 2023.

How can retailers take advantage of this emerging technology to improve the customer experience and stay top of mind with their customer base? The answer may well lie within a cloud-based application for mobile marketing that allows your business to send mobile store cards, event tickets, coupons and more straight to your customers’ mobile wallets. Simply by integrating digital pass functionality with your existing retail management suite, you can expand your brand’s mobile footprint, delight your customers with a seamless experience and gain better insight into their shopping habits. The more convenient the shopping experience is for your customer, the more likely they will retain their loyalty to your business and attract new customers.

Connect with Customers and Drive Sales with Integrated Email Marketing

It’s no secret that email marketing is an excellent strategy to improve the conversion of potential customers, better engage loyal customers and increase sales. However, your current approach to email marketing may not quite hit the mark. You need a sophisticated tool that uses customer information to segment your customer base, target email campaigns based on their needs and preferences and see the true ROI of your email marketing efforts. This is where an integrated POS email marketing platform comes into play.

When you partner with C&K Systems, we’ll set your retail business up with email marketing technology that leverages information from your existing POS system to send automated, recurring campaigns that show you exactly who is opening and clicking your emails and what sales are being driven by your campaigns. This means no more importing email lists, trying to track down which customers are responding best to which emails or sorting through miles of customer data. You’ll be able to transform the customer experience for your customers and drive sales like never before.

How C&K Systems Can Help You Reach Your Goals

If your retail business is struggling to attract new customers and retain existing ones, it may be time to evaluate the customer experience your brand provides. C&K Systems is ready to help you evaluate your customer base, determine which technology solutions would best appeal to them and create a strategy that sees your customers are engaged, your conversion rates are high and your brand is delivering a consistent, memorable experience across all channels. For more information, schedule a discovery call today, and we’ll get to work building a winning technology strategy for your business.

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