Over time, associates and buyers may inadvertently create duplicate customer or item records in Counterpoint. This causes their history to be split between two or more records, inaccuracies in your inventory, and complicates your reporting processes.

In our next Training Bytes Webinar session on Wednesday, November 3rd, at 10 AM or 1 PM ET, I’ll walk you through how to merge and renumber records in Counterpoint to reduce the chance of duplicate records or issues in reporting.

November 3rd
10:00 AM ET
1:00 PM ET
100% FREE
for your entire team

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What You’ll Learn From This Free Session

This practical and informative Training Bytes Webinar session is free to attend. It will help you gain the confidence of knowing how to manage duplicate records in Counterpoint correctly. In this session, I will guide you on:

Merge Duplicate Item Records

Managing duplicate Customer Records

Renumber Items, Customers & Vendors

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions per month will there be?
There will be one session per month, with advance notice of open registration.
How many people can I invite to attend with me?
If you’re a company of one or 100, your entire team is welcome to attend these sessions. Remember, only one registration is needed for your company.
Will connection Information be sent out to attend the webinar?
Connection information is included in your “Thank You for Registering” email sent to you after you register for an event.
What if I miss a session after registering? Will I still get access to the recording?
Absolutely. If you register for a session and happen to miss attending for any reason, we will email you a link to the session you miss.