Deploy one of the best-in-class, cloud-based restaurant POS systems to protect your profit margins while increasing customer satisfaction.

Tabit Restaurant POS Systems

Adapt your business model to a rapidly changing environment and elevate customer experience by leveraging mobile technology.

With 360-degree integrated restaurant POS systems, you’ll be able to connect every aspect of the customer experience with ease, from guest management to tableside payment. Reach out to us today to learn more!

Excellent Customer Experience

Provide your customers with the ease of access and transparency they desire at checkout events.

Centralized Scalability

Oversee multiple locations from a singular point of sale system that you’ll never outgrow.

New Revenue Stream

Connect with your customers like never before through an ecommerce platform and major food delivery services.

Increased Efficiency

Replace the slow process of manual ordering with safe contactless ordering and payments.

Harness the Power of Mobile

Under traditional POS systems that offer mobile extensions, Tabit was built from the ground up to be an elegantly simple, mobile-first POS solution.

restaurant pos systems South Carolina

– One easy-to-use platform

– Quick to deploy

– Less human error

Address the Entire Ecosystem

Reduce the need for cumbersome integration points with multiple customer touchpoints throughout the ecosystem.

Utilize the Latest Cutting-Edge Technology

Eliminate the need for traditional on-premises software installation and support with a single platform.

Connect with Stakeholders

Allow various stakeholders within your restaurant, such as servers, managers and customers, access to a unified database.

restaurant pos systems South Carolina

One Platform. Limitless Possibilities.

Connect every aspect of the customer experience.

 Contact us and Develop

a customized restaurant POS solution.