Deliver exceptional customer experiences across all channels and maximize scalability with an omnichannel retail cloud technology solution.

Retail Management and Cloud Technology

The digital world is changing each day, making it easy for a business to become obsolete. To keep pace with the evolving expectations of your customers, it’s time to transition to the cloud.

iVend Retail is completely integrated and covers everything from point of sale (POS) to operations in the front and back of your business. This technology also integrates mobile POS, allowing you to take your business anywhere your customers are, along with other features such as ecommerce, loyalty programs and reporting.

Implementing iVend Retail will also strengthen your cybersecurity, reducing your risk of being exposed to a cyberattack. It will also enhance your business’ scalability and streamline operations while increasing visibility.

With an omnichannel solution handling your retail management, you’ll have the freedom to focus on what matters most to your business — delivering outstanding brand experiences across the board.

Ecommerce Integration 

Seamlessly merge your online, retail and brick-and-mortar sales.

Loyalty Programs

Strengthen your base and enhance the customer experience by implementing programs that reward repeat buyers.


An easy-to-use application that works with a touchscreen or keyboard and offers features such as pricing, promotions and layaways.

Reporting & Analytics

Aggregate key data from a multitude of channels to help your business make more informed decisions.

Mobile POS 

Take your business anywhere with a handheld POS that includes in-store features such as customer history, product availability options and wireless payments. 

Passes & Promotions

Send your customers digital coupons, tickets and gift cards they can receive and store on their smartphones.


Uncover the benefits of a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that provides the full suite of omnichannel solutions of an enterprise-class retail management solution via a hosted infrastructure.

cloud technology iVend cloud retail

– Application management

– Infrastructure management

– 24/7 support services

Deliver on Customer Experience

Create a truly integrated and seamless shopping experience designed for your customers’ needs.

Focus on Your Business Goals

Dedicate more time to growing your business and less to managing the performance of your technology.

Optimize Your Processes

Streamline your operations to ensure performance optimization, application health and data integrity.

cloud technology iVend cloud retail

Powering Omnichannel Retail Around the World

You’ll be in great company with iVend Retail.

cloud technology iVend retail
cloud technology iVend retail

How iVend Can Deliver Business Results

iVend Cloud leverages a new SaaS model to accelerate a retailers’ ability to offer new capabilities to their consumers and employees in a nimble, scalable, and cost-effective manner.

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