An NCR Counterpoint POS system transforms how you run your business, from the front end to the back office. One of its biggest benefits is the security it provides not only for your business but for your customers, too.

Credit card breaches can cost businesses millions of dollars in recovery efforts — not to mention a big hit to their reputation. Having a payment system with weak security is a breeding ground for hackers looking to steal financial information. It’s also not just big corporations that suffer from these attacks. In fact, small businesses are a common target for these cyber criminals.

Luckily, at C&K Systems, we offer an NCR Counterpoint POS that ensures payment security compliance across the board, including with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) security requirements. You can minimize incompliance risk and store sensitive credit card information more securely than ever before.

Securely Store Your Data

An NCR Counterpoint system elevates the security of your customers’ credit card information by using a process called tokenization. With tokenization, a token is stored in your system rather than any card information. The actual card numbers are encrypted and stored on the NCR network environment instead.

If a hacker did breach your system, the unauthorized user would only have access to the token and not the real data, ensuring no important information was stolen. However, authorized users still have access to customer data when needed for returns or other similar transactions. This creates a more maintained protected system and further ensures payment security compliance.

Utilize Point-to-Point Encryption

With NCR’s point-to-point encryption, sensitive information like credit card numbers, debit card pins and card expiration dates are encrypted from the moment a transaction has been initiated, or when a customer swipes their card.

Encryption ensures private data is concealed from hackers, which is not only reassuring for your customers but for your business as well. Failing to comply with keeping your customers’ information safe can lead to legal troubles and expenses for your organization as governing bodies worldwide continue to tighten privacy requirements.

Follow PCI-DSS Guidelines

PCI-DSS security standards apply to any organization that accepts, processes and stores cardholder data. Under PCI-DSS requirements, you must maintain a protected system, utilize security protections and regularly test and monitor networks.

Without this payment security compliance, you are more vulnerable to penalties, legal issues and even revenue loss. Still, keeping up with PCI-DSS compliance regulations can be difficult and time-consuming on your own. Fortunately, NCR Counterpoint systems use the NCR Secure Pay service to ensure PCI-DSS compliance at all stages of the transaction process.

Payment security compliance is more important than ever before in an age where security breaches have become commonplace. Still, you don’t have to tackle the process completely on your own. If you have any questions about how to ensure that your business is 100% compliant, reach out to our team today.

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