We may be in spring, but summer isn’t too far behind – and retailers need to be prepared for the large crowds. That’s especially true for the best summer attractions like zoos, aquariums and museums. Fortunately, retail POS systems can not only offer a smoother, faster and more efficient checkout process – they can completely transform the customer experience.

A POS system like the NCR Counterpoint POS is a prime example of this cutting-edge technology. With C&K Systems helping managing your POS system, you can make your summer attraction even more successful for both your customers and your employees. Below are a few ways your business can utilize NCR Counterpoint to deliver the best customer experience this summer.

1. Mobile POS

Visitors to summer attractions want to purchase their admission tickets swiftly and without any issues. NCR Counterpoint allows your employees to sell tickets directly from a mobile POS platform from any location. There’s no more being tied to a cash register in a singular location, giving you better crowd control and a quicker form of payment. Plus, mobile POS systems accept numerous forms of payment, offer digital receipts and can accept loyalty program discounts where applicable.

2. Inventory Management

The last thing you want to worry about during peak times at your attraction is mismanaged inventory or out-of-stock items. This is especially true in areas of your attractions like gift shops or concession stands. Thankfully, NCR POS systems allow you to view inventory levels across your attraction or attractions and make product transfers when necessary, so you always have exactly what customers need when they need it.

3. Reporting and Analytics

You don’t have to wonder about your attraction’s performance or rely on a long, outdated process to figure it out. Instead, you can receive full, detailed reports on your sales data, including your daily sales volume, most purchased products and customer buying habits. These key metrics can help you make more informed business decisions on what products to push or promote through marketing campaigns, promotions or loyalty programs.

4. Platform Integrations

Lastly, you don’t have to worry about having to lose other platforms you love, as retail POS systems allow you to integrate other software straight into the system. For example, you can integrate platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and BigCommerce. There’s no need for any compromises, and you can completely customize your POS experience to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Your Summer Attraction Success Awaits

If you run a business that attracts large crowds over the summer, you shouldn’t spend your time worrying – you should be spending it excited for its success. That’s where C&K Systems and NCR Counterpoint POS can help. With this system and our expert support, your company can deliver more meaningful customer experiences and improve your company’s retail operations.

Get in touch with our retail solutions expert can help you get started and build a successful strategy for your summer success.

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