Summer is just around the corner, which is not just great news for summer-loving crowds – it’s time for retailers to get excited, too. Those who run outside attraction or recreation businesses like parks, campgrounds or nature-related museums can look forward to more customers (and more profit.) To ensure both you and your visitors have a smooth experience this upcoming season, you want to make sure you’re using the right retail POS system.

Luckily, there’s an answer with NCR Counterpoint POS. When you combine this amazing NCR retail solution with the right team of experts, you can do much more than perform swift transactions. In fact, you can completely transform the entire customer experience of your organization with a few simple taps and clicks. Curious? Read on below to get the details.

1. Sell from Anywhere (and Anytime)

NCR POS systems make selling admission tickets or reservations easier and more accessible than ever before. You can sell individual or group tickets for school field trips, tours and private events online or in-person with mobile POS. Even better, you can offer seasonal or promotional pricing for the peak summer season to further drive sales – and attract new customers.

2. Increase Your Revenue Opportunities

Offer memberships? You can make it easy for customers to renew or buy memberships online or from anywhere at your attraction, further increasing your revenue opportunities. If your company is supported by donations, you can also easily give visitors the option to donate when making any type of purchase, whether that’s a ticket, a gift shop item or a membership renewal.

3. Manage Better Than Ever

Whether you’re using a POS for campgrounds or a museum, you’ll benefit from being able to manage and monitor your sales and success. You can manage your inventory levels, pricing and orders across a singular location or over multiple locations, should you have more than one. See an issue, like an item soon going out of stock in your gift shop? Easily place an order or make a transfer of the product between stores.

4. Analyze, Repeat, Succeed

After you’ve finished your operations for the day, you can receive reports and analyses of your sales performance, including profits by items, categories or customers. Armed with this information, you can make even better business decisions for the future operation of your organization.

Have Your Most Successful Summer Season Yet

It’s almost time for the summer sun to hit the sky and the crowds to pour into your business. Make it a great experience for your customers and your team by leveraging the best NCR retail solutions out there. With the NCR Counterpoint POS and help from our retail solution experts, we can ensure you have your smoothest summer sales yet.

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